Columbia, TN - Attractions

Columbia, TN - Attractions

To get to Columbia - from Nashville take I-65 south to Hwy. 412. Exit west on Hwy. 412 to Columbia.

Columbia is Just Down The Road © from: Culleoka, Mount Pleasant, Williamsport, Santa Fe & Spring Hill.

The Athenaeum Rectory - Built in 1835 for Samuel Polk Walker, nephew of President James K. Polk, the Athenaeum Rectory became the home of the Rev. Franklin Smith, president of the Columbia Athenaeum, renowned for its progressive curriculum of that day. Visitors enjoy the Athenaeum's unusual Gothic architecture and period furnishings. Call 931-381-4822 for more information.

James K. Polk Ancestral Home - The 11th president, James K. Polk, began his legal and political career from this home, built by his parents in 1816. It is furnished with relics from the Polk White House years. Adjacent is the Polk Sister's House, containing exhibits of Mrs. Polk's ball gown, jewels, Mexican War memorabilia, and other items relating to President and Mrs. Polk. Find out more by calling 931-388-2354.

Mt. Pleasant Phosphate Museum - Featuring fossils, arrowheads, Civil War relics, local history, phosphate history, old farming tools and special monthly exhibits. Call 931-379-9511 for additional information.

Rattle & Snap Plantation - Built in 1845, this historic landmark is one of the finest examples of Greek Revival architecture in the nation. Dining is available with a 20 person minimum. Call them at 931-379-5861.

Rippavilla - Headquarters for the Tennessee Antebellum Trail. This must-see 1852 plantation home serves as a regional visitors center, a historic house museum, and a museum of the Civil War Armies of Tennessee. Contact them at: 5700 Main St., Columbia, TN 38402 or give them a call at 931-486-9037 or 800-381-1865.

Southport Saltpeter Cave - Large wild cave with Civil War history and many formations and cave wildlife. Hiking trails, picnic areas and wildflower tours. Contact them at: 2171 Mack Benderman Rd., Culleoka, TN. You can also call them at 931-379-4404.

Spring Hill Battlefield - On Nov. 29, 1864, Confederate Gen. Hood's army tried to capture U.S. Gen Schofield's army. Hood lost his chance to capture Schofield's army, and the Spring Hill affair became one to the most controversial events of the war. Contact them at: 2870 Lee Lane, Spring Hill, TN or you can call them at 931-791-9136 or 931-781-7178.

Tennessee Wildlife Observation Area-Monsanto Ponds - At the close of manufacturing operations in 1986, Monsanto turned 5,345 acres, originally obtained for mineral rights, into one of the state's most precious wetlands. Included are wildlife observations areas and an abundance of waterfowl and wildlife for viewing. Located on Monsanto Rd., Hwy. 50 West. Give them a call at 931-388-2155 for additional information.


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