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by Jayne

(DOLLYWOOD) - Ms Parton never does things in a small way. She invited a few of us (150) down to Dollywood to see her newest ride, the Timber Tower, located in the Thunderhead Gap Area of the Dollywood Entertainment Park. She also had plans to show us her sweetest creation, the “New Sweet Shoppe” and to Premier her new cook book, “Dolly’s Dixie Fixins”.
Dolly Partin and her New Timber Tower - photos by JayneFirst we heard a big ‘Tim-Ber’ from Ms Parton as she told us about the newest ride, Timber Tower, adjacent to the parks Thunderhead Gap roller coaster. Timber Tower stands 65 feet tall upon its base which measures 26 feet in diameter. As you can see from the photo, Timber Tower not only rotates but is situated in the middle of a 5,100 sq-ft pond and when the Tower reaches the top it begins to dip from side to side, dipping at a 60 degree angle. Tipping its 40 passengers within reach of a sawmill blade, bear cave, water geyser, a beaver dam, and lastly, a treacherous log jam. Ms Parton, who you see in the photo to the left has been quoted as saying, “I think Timber Tower is every bit as unique as I am, and that’s saying a lot. One of us is just as likely to topple over as the other, but at 65 feet, Timber Tower is defiantly a sight to see!”

Timber Tower anchors the Timber Canyon, the newest in the Dollywood Entertainment Park. Themed to resemble a lumber jack camp, Timber Canyon also features Lumber Jack Lifts, two Thirty foot Tall Towers where passengers control the ride, kids can experience kid powered cars by drawing a cable, lifting the car as high as 25 feet, and rides for the Lil’ Loggers under 48 inches.

No, I didn’t ride, but I did eat, at the new Lumber Camp Restaurant.

Dolly’s Dixie Fixins

Dolly's Chef with his gigantic skillet - photos by JayneThe new Lumber Camp restaurant is a rustic themed restaurant with a gigantic skillet from which hand – battered chicken tenders and catfish are served. To the right you can see Dolly‘s Chef standing next to the six foot skillet which is full of the 300 pounds of fish, not to mention the coleslaw and hushpuppies.

To kick off the Lumber Camp Restaurant and to also promote her new Cook Book, Dolly’s Dixie Fixins, Ms Parton invited the Media (look at us waiting on that food), as well as representatives from Guinness World Record, Sevier County Heath Dept., Vision Engineering & Developing Services, Inc, Icelandic and I don’t know how many friends and family to share in an attempt for the largest catfish meal.

I don’t know if they broke the world’s record for the largest meal served.

I don’t know if they broke their own family record for a family gathering??

What I do know is the food was wonderful.

First I have to tell you I got a piece of apple pie as big as my head. The Catfish was fried crisp, light, but not greasy with creamy slaw, Hushpuppies or Rolls. I should be ashamed of myself because I got such a big piece of apple pie.

To bad I’m not!

You could see how flaky the crust was on this piece of pie, and the apples, they were firm - not mushy. This is the kind of pie you don’t need ice cream or whip cream, because it had the right combination of spices with apples.

As Ms Parton puts on her apron and begins to talk. Dolly Partin talks about her new book Dolly's Dixie Fixins - photos by JayneTo be honest I couldn’t tell you if Ms Parton is saying “Come and get it” or talking about her book, because I have my eye on that pie. I do have the 411 on the Book. Advance copies are on sale now at Dollywood and Dolly’s Patron’s Dixie Stampede Dinner & Show. Advance copies sell for $27.50 and that includes shipping and handling. ‘Dolly’s Dixie Fixins’ features more than 125 recipes, including many from Ms Patron’s personal collection of southern specialties, like her popular banana pudding. Some of her recipes are passed down form her late Mother Mrs. Avie Lee Parton, as well as several from her mother-in law, “Mama (Ginny) Dean.”

All proceeds from the book go to the Dolly Foundation which established the Imagination Library. Since Ms Parton doesn’t think she will be touring this summer and book signing well maybe that is to calm for her so she decided to do it the “Dolly Way”. Until Midnight Sept. 1st when you buy an advanced copy of “Dolly’s Dixie Fixins” from either Dollywood or The Dolly’s Patron’s Dixie Stampede Dinner & Show you receive a chance to win the grand prize which is a “backyard barbeque and bluegrass festival” for the winner and 100 family and friends featuring Dolly Parton as the Special guest.

Those are the rules have fun. Buy a book and you’re entered.

Remember: The cookbook is only being sold at Dollywood, Dolly wood’s Splash Country and at the Dixie Stampede locations in Pigeon Forge, Branson and Myrtle Beach. All the proceeds of the cook book sales go to benefit the Dollywood Foundation’s Imagination Library program.

*One final note on the contest – It is restricted to the United States. The whole Legalistic of having a Barbeque in another country, the paper work alone would be as tall as her new ride Timber Tower, not to mention the heath issues with chickens and cows today.

Special thanks to Chief who fixed me up with a piece of pie the size of my head.

Dollywood Sweet Shoppe
Colorful Wall of Toppings - photos by JayneLooking at the Sweet Shoppe from the out side you know this is going to be a candy lovers dream come true.• The Sweet Shoppe entices all four senses at one time from the moment you enter the door. The aroma of chocolates and candies fills the air as soon as you step inside the doorway. While music plays softly in the back ground. Candy of all different kinds and colors fill every shelf. Hard candies, Old fashion lollipops and in the glass cases, fudge of every kind you can imagine! Even sugar free!) Then there are the ones you never dreamed existed. Familiar names like Smoky Mountain Peanut Butter Ball, caramel pecan candies, assorted nut clusters and other homemade candies. Dollywood has their own Master Candy Makers that will partly entertain and entice you with Dollywood’s signature recipes. They make Chocolate the old fashion way - and the best part? You can watch it being made and then try some for yourself.

• Ice Cream
Dollywood's Master Chocolate Makers - photos by JayneWhat Sweet Shoppe wouldn’t be complete without ice cream? The Victorian-style Ice Cream Parlor can seat 100 of the most enthusiastic Dolly Fan’s. A cool resting place while you have a family size “Build you own sundae” from one of the many varieties of Eddy’s Ice Cream. There are more than 70 toppings to choose from (a wall) this doesn’t count the syrups and assorted nuts. The Ice Cream parlor also offers Fresh baked waffle cones or waffle dishes, milk shakes, or Coca-Cola, Barq’s root beer floats. The New Dollywood Sweet Shoppe offers such a variety of sweets and treats that I think all most everyone can be satisfied.

Take a peek at the kids’ corner.

• Kid’s Corner
Mr Percy and Miss Molly - photos by JayneThe Taffy Kitchen is the home of our favorite demonstration area. About 60 flavors of taffy are created by Dollywood’s candy makers. The Taffy Kitchen is the home of the most magical stove in Dollywood, “Mr. Percy” and his assistance “Miss Molly.” For a small fee your child can wear an official outfit and “create” their own souvenir bucket of candy. With the assistance from “Miss Molly” children can press buttons pull levers and turn cranks a puff from “Mr. Percy” a bucket of wonderful colorful candy. I’m not sure but I thought I heard Mr. Percy say, “Stick around, there’s more fun to be had.”

Mr. Percy and Miss Molly want to remind you about the Kids Fest Festival coming June 16th through August 6th. There's also the County Fair area with rides and food and fun. Through May 7th you can enjoy the Festival of Nations - a celebration of music, dance and art with performers from Australia, Italy, Ukraine, Belgium, Zambia, Trinidad, the Czech Republic, Ecuador and China.

For more information, please call 1-800-Dollywood and watch this web site for future stories on Dollywood.

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