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Is that Instant?
Coffee Magic
by Jayne

Over the Years doc and I have been on many adventures. All of which end up being discussed over a cup of coffee.photo by Jayne Sometimes in the finest restaurants and sometimes in the local café. We have even tried the trendiest of coffee shops. Most of the time the coffee is average at best or taste a lot like instant. Quite by accident we stumbled onto a great cup of coffee in a place that is trendy enough for the young and comfortable enough for the old.
I love this place.
Andrew, our youngest, found it while a student at Tennessee Tech. University in Cookeville. He is not a coffee drinker but has always kept his eye out because he knows we are.
Our life has always involved coffee and conversation and over the years it has been harder to find that good cup of coffee.
We were passing thru from one adventure to another and stopped to see Andrew. Knowing we wanted coffee and to catch up he takes us to -The Gridge. This is not your average coffee shop where they tell you that just because it is freshly ground it should be good. I have often felt bad that they didn’t know the difference.
In the Photo you can see a young man named Aaron. Aaron understands coffee. Like the finest of wine, coffee also takes on the flavor of the land and air around it, and coffee is its best when freshly roasted. Most people think if it is freshly ground that is the essence of a good cup of coffee.
A truly good cup starts with the bean. Good bean – good coffee.photo by JayneAaron roasts his own special blends weekly. He can also design a coffee for your bed and breakfast, hotel, and cafe. Always remember that coffee is like fine wine, some beans produce a darker richer taste. While other beans give a lighter nutty flavor.
It is amazing that his de-cafe coffee has the same rich flavor as his regular coffee. There is a whole different set of coffee magic that goes with de-café. It has to do with the way the beans are processed, which we are not going into today. If you are in Cookeville or even just passing thru, stop by and maybe you will see Aaron roasting. Even if he isn’t you can get a true feel for the place, enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea in a relaxed atmosphere that is full of the excitement of the youth and the experience of age.
Aaron treats his teas the same way as he does coffee. The better the tea leaf the better the tea.
In essence you can’t go wrong if you prefer coffee or tea or just conversation. And then you never have to ask, “Does this taste like instant to you?”
The Gridge is located on 28 West Broad St. Cookeville TN.
For Directions and other information visit www.gridges.com

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