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Winchester, TN presents The 3rd Annual International Dogwood Festival

Winchester -

Welcome to the 3rd annual International Dogwood Festival in Winchester Tennessee.

Starship Lands

Just for some background information. Winchester is in Middle Tennessee. It still has a town square, (so watch your driving):
  • There is a Jameson Motel located in town.
  • Hammerís is the place to shop for everything (except on Sundays).
  • The Odem Theater is a real theater.
  • The Winchester Hardware store is a great place.
  • The dime store Dive is a must across the street is the Art Gallery where youíll be surprised at what you find.
  • Youíll also find a real Bakery and newly opened Sam Miguelís Coffee house.
  • Halls furniture has been there for years.

This is a free concert event!

I was standing on the side of the rode trying to remember why I loved photography so much. I know it wasnít because I enjoy standing frozen in an unusually cold Dogwood winter. Somehow that wasnít a part of my dream at all, it is how ever my reality today.

Franklin County High School Band in the 2007 Winchester Intnational Dogwood Festival Parade - © photo by JayneIt was cold and wet this year, but the weather didnít seem to dampen the spirits of the children watching for the parade and standing on the side waiting for candy. The moment I heard the Franklin County High School Band, I remembered why I loved photography so much. The drum line hit the first beat, the flag girls twirled those flags and I remembered. The High school band plays in blistering heat, poring rain and below freezing weather, smiling.

The parade has stated. The festival has begun.

One thing I love about this town. They donít have to see eye to eye to solve problems that arise. Like the weather, it poured rain. It was a much-needed rain, but it made one of the stages unusable. Together this town finds solutions. This year Dave Cowan opened up the Winchester Hardware so that performers could still play .The Fire Hall became a stage for the Manchester Cloggers. The Odem Theater became the sage for Puppet shows and bands.

Brenda Taylor at Winchester's 3rd Annual International Dogwood Featival - © photo by JayneThe main stage hosted a Varity of performers this year. Including, shown here, Brenda Taylor. Other acts include, Troy Cook, and Julie Taylor their M.C. If you missed them, they will be performing the At the Jamboree by the lake Aug.31st, Sept 1st, & 2nd 2007. For more information on the Jamboree go to jamboree-by-thelake.com.

We also had Tommy Crain (formally with Charley Daniels) and the Crosstown All ĖStars. They will be performing at the Thunder on the Rock bike Rally. June 1st, 2nd, 3rd. For more information you can visit them online at: Thunderontherockonline.com

The Sullivan Sisters got the evening started. These ladies are as beautiful as they are talented. A little rain didnít slow them down. If you get a chance to see them, take it. Unfortunately I donít have any up coming dates for them.

Sulentic Brothers Band in Winchester's 3rd Annual International Dogwood Featival - © photo by JayneWe are down to the opening band, the Sulentic Brothers Band. The rain is coming down just a little harder now and you can see from the photos that the rain backed them up to the drummer. What you donít see is that they didnít miss a beat. They backed up for safety and kept playing. This just brought more cheers and shouts of encouragement form the crowd.

Starship performs in Winchester's 3rd Annual International Dogwood Featival - © photo by JayneBy the time Starship, featuring Mickey Thomas, took the stage the weather had changed once more. While they are singing, ďWe built this City on Rock and RollĒ it is spitting snow. In no way did it dampen the spirits of the crowd who knew every word to every song. It was a crowd of young and old who had been standing in the rain and snow to hear some of the greatest music ever made. They knew that Starship (Jefferson Airplane) had helped to open musical doors to a generation. For more information on concert dates: mickeythomas.com

Sunday brought us the Agape Ministries Choir, the Community Choir and the Gardners who gave our hearts that Sunday lift.

Then came Jenny Lynn Melton with that soulful sound followed by the Music City Sings Tribute to Dinah Shore.

The Surprise From the Sky at Wincherster's 3rd Annual International Dogwood Featival - © photo by JayneI didnít mention the Kids Zone this year. It was closed due to the weather. Opening only to make puppets and to do special crafts. They did open the Odem Theater for a life size puppet show. Then they couldnít do the surprise for the sky so they improvised with the help of the Police and the Fire dept.

So all in all it was a little wet but that didnít stop the fun or the music. Make your plans now to come next year to the Winchester International Dogwood Festival.

You and me in Tennessee! What could be better?


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