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by Jayne -
With the summer going by so fast I didn't want to forget to mention our State Parks, Natural Trails and, of course, our Lakes.

It is a great way to plan a short vacation or just a day trip.

Fishing at Birdsong Resort and Marina - © photo by JayneSome of us like to float down the river while others like to go down the Ocoee full steam ahead. We may be in the middle of a drought but there is still enough water to wet a line and catch a fish or just take a ride on one of our many lakes. I will give a list of the lakes at the end so you may go geographically to any lakes information you like.

All lakes are different. The fish may be the same, small mouth bass, big mouth bass, stripper, crappie, and catfish, but you'll find differences in each of the lakes that make each one unique. The contour of the land as the lake was built gives each lake special qualities causing them to feel different in the morning and in the afternoon.

Personally, I have not been to every lake in Tennessee. The state is divided into separate sections and I have spent most of my time in Middle and East Tennessee. When I do go to West Tennessee I can tell you I do try to stop at Birdsong Resort and Marina in Camden on Kentucky Lake. I think Reel Foot Lake is not only a fisherman's dream but a photographers dream as well. In January and February you can photograph Eagles. That lake holds more than one mystery.

I have fished and camped more on Center Hill, Percy Priest, Tims Ford, Nick-a-Jack and Telco Lakes. Now I mostly take pictures of other people fishing. Each of these lakes offers it's own camping, fishing, swimming, hiking and other activities. For more information you can click on this web address: tnvacation.com/listing/water_sports/?region=&results=45

Golf at Fall Creek Falls State Park - © photo by JayneSome of our Lakes are connected to state parks like Tims Ford. Our State Parks are wonderful for vacations or a day out. Some are set up to do conferences and reunions. All of our state parks offer walking trails, swimming pools, bike paths, camping, cabins, and some also offer golf.

The Parks that offer the traditional golf courses are: Fall Creek Falls, Henry Horton, Montgomery Bell, Old Stone Fort, Paris Landing, Pickwick Landing, T.O. Fuller, and Warriors' Path. The Golf Pro from Warriors' Path, Mark Hower, qualified for the U.S. Open that was played on July 5th - 8th in Wisconsin. I think that is very good and we should be very proud of him.

The Parks that are Bear Trace (Bear Trace Golf Courses are the signature Jack Nicklaus designed courses) are:
  • Chickasaw
  • Ross Creek
  • Cumberland Mountain
  • Tims Ford
  • Harrison Bay State Parks.

Tennessee has 54 State Parks offering every thing from boating, camping, horseback riding, fine dinning & hiking. Maybe just cooling off on a hot summers day especially after a day at the farmers market.

Yes the Bi-centennial Park is a State Park also.

I love our Tennessee State Parks.

I was always out numbered by my kids. It was four of them against one of me while doc was working. On a bad day, the park was my lifesaver. We'd just pack a lunch and take off to the local State Park. Letting them take all that energy they would use to fight with each other and walk it off on a trail or swim was a great way for them to begin to share my love for our state parks. I know it made some sort of impression on my children. One of my girls changed her mind about a church wedding and called us and got married at the same State Park we would go to when she was small.

For more information on our great Tennessee State Parks you can visit them on the web at: state.tn.us/environment/parks/.

If you look at the information for the Tennessee State Parks there is also information for State Natural Areas. Here's a link to the State Natural Areas web site: state.tn.us/environment/na/natareas/ that will show you a list of trails, waterfalls and cliffs that are off the beaten paths. Some are harder than others to navigate so be sure that you check out the web site before you venture down.

Bill Work Hiking one of our States Natural Trails - © photo by JayneI take a buddy.

Bill Work, a fellow Photographer, will be a presenter at the Wildlife Wilderness Week, Saturday, January 12 through Sunday, January 30, 2008 at Pigeon Forge. We haven't been to every waterfall on the list but we are trying. You might just meet us heading up or down a trail. We have met the most interesting families, friends and visitors on our Photographic Adventures.

Here are a few photos of the people and places we have seen.
Horses at the Fall Creek Falls Riding Stables - © photo by Jayne Cooling Off at the 'Swimming Hole' at Fall Creek Falls State Park - © photo by Jayne
So stop horsing around and come out and enjoy the summer with us. New friends and old friends in the falls, the trails, parks and lakes.

You and me in Tennessee! What could be better!
Models can use our States Natural Beauty to complement their shoots! - © photo by Jayne

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